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> Does anyone have suggestions for cheap storage

Marie have you any type of shed, wheat stores really well in any type of wood 
bin or a round steel bin as long as the steel bin has a fan.  When you 
combine wheat or any thing of that order in the summer it goes through a 
period of heat, the wood bin will absorb the heat period without molding but 
in a steel bin you need to have a fan on it for a couple of days or it will 
mold, or get a musty smell to it.  

We used to raise a lot of wheat for the straw, it was worth twice as much as 
the wheat, but no hog farmers left no value for straw any more.  We had an 
old couple would come every year an buy 10 bu of wheat from us, them later in 
the winter she would bring us fresh bread made from that wheat.  I really 
don't no know they processed it rather than just fine grinding in a small 
mill they had.  Sure did make good bread.

Phil from Iowa
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