hot weather lettuce was bolting cilantro

A. Balliett igg at
Thu Jul 4 02:51:26 EDT 2002

I've been germinating lettuce weekly since, what, that first of 
April? We haven't been below 80 for some time now, but the seed keep 

I hope this information that lettuce doesn't germinate hasn't put a pox on me!

I'm curious to know if other members have poor or no germ from heat 
AND I'm v. interested in hearing what varities people are having good 
luck with in the summertime. (Or did have last summer.)

I'm losing a lot of lettuce to bolting this year. The last couple of 
years my problem has been bitterness. This year, it's bolting. Black 
Seeded Simpson has been the most stable of the lettuces I've used 
this year, with things like "Four Seasons" being very disappointing 
in their 'holding' ability.

Just now I've seated a few hundred Sierra and Nevada from Johnny's. I 
guess I should have started them a month back. ;-), but my hopes are 

Again, I'm very interested in what other growers are doing to make 
lettuce tastely and reliable in hot weather.

I'm also very interested in hearing about cheap approaches to shading 
for lettuce. (I need 300 heads a week.)


-Allan Balliett
Loudoun Co, VA

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