Bolting cilantro

MeLani M mmaysen at
Thu Jul 4 15:22:06 EDT 2002

Yes, it's still germinating, and taking about 6-8 days.
At this time of year I don't bother with seed trays.  I have a
raised bed along one end, inside my greenhouse. I just make a small
trough (1/4" deep) and 12' long. Then spread the seed in it, cover
lightly, and water lightly. I also start Basil, Italian Parsley,
Dill, and Sage this way.
I also have 50% white shade cloth on the greenhouse and
solar-operated vents. (no electric out there)
I'm a few miles from Clever, if you've heard of it. What types of
herbs/veggies grow well for you?

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| I'm also in southern Missouri, but I've got trouble getting
cilantro to
| germinate in July and August (thermodormancy?) -- are you able to
start it
| OK?
| Ken Bezilla
| East Wind Community
| Tecumseh, MO

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