Bolting cilantro

MeLani M mmaysen at
Thu Jul 4 12:54:13 EDT 2002

Thanks for the replies.
I had been planting Cilantro (again) when this question occurred to
me.  I thought I might alter the location (outdoors, greenhouses,
sun, shade, etc) to get a little more leaf per plant.
I do use slow bolting varieties. They still bolt fairly soon,
however, and I get only 1-2  bunches per plant. I also reseed every
1 1/2 to 2 weeks or so.
I moved here (Southernmost Missouri) from California, where I
didn't experience the incredibly fast growth known to this region.
Many other herb farmers here say they don't even bother. Guess I'm
learning why.
Back out to the garden, where the okra needs picking again ...

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