gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Sat Jul 13 06:19:34 EDT 2002

I know that large hydroponic growers do remove the first couple of
flowers off of their pepper plants and then train them to two stems.
The removal of the early flowers gives greater overall production in
the long run.

Here is a comprehensive guide to greenhouse pepper production
I think a lot of these techniques can also be applied in ooutdoor
production to provide high quality fruit.  You can see the rest of the
slite by clipping back the URL.


> Don't sucker pepper plants, they are perfectly able to produce extra
large fruit without suckering if you choose the right variety and
space them at two feet appart in the row, pepper plants need all the
leaf cover they can get to prevent sunscald which does more damage to
peppers than insects and disease combined... Bob.

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