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Sat Dec 7 01:28:18 EST 2002

39% of U.S. Consumers Choose Organic Food
HARLEYSVILLE, Pa. (December 6, 2002) - The 2002 Organic Consumer Trends
Report, a $3,995 study jointly produced by The Natural Marketing Institute
here and SPINS, San Francisco, has found that 39% of the U.S. population, or
more than 40 million households, uses organic products. This robust
household penetration accounts for $6.9 billion in U.S. organic food and
beverage sales. The report identifies a range of organic consumer segments,
and compares key attitudes, behaviors and purchase patterns of each. Three
U.S. organic segments are divided into three categories: The Organic
Integrated Group, it says, makes up 37% of all organic users, holds very
strong attitudes toward organically grown foods, and consumes such food more
than once a day. In the middle is a group that represents 39% of all organic
users, and consumes organics at least weekly. On the fringe is a group that
makes up 24% of all organic users and eats such food only occasionally.
Steve French, NMI managing partner, said fewer than half of U.S. consumers
understand what makes a product organic. "Marketers will need to take the
responsibility of communicating these key benefits of organic products to
consumers," French said.
Half of Americans Will Serve Organic Food at Thanksgiving
WASHINGTON (November 25, 2002) -- Fifty-one percent of Americans say they
will serve at least one organic dish this Thanksgiving holiday, which is not
too surprising since that same percentage of Americans reported to the
Roper-Starch organization earlier this year that they purchase organic foods
and beverages at least sometimes. The Thanksgiving survey was conducted for
the Grocery Manufacturers of America by an organization here called the
polling company. It was the first time such a survey had been taken, and it
follows the implementation of federal standards for organic foods on Oct.
21. Organic vegetables were the top choice among those who plan to serve
organic food, according to the GMA study. Half the respondents said they
would serve an organic vegetable, with mixed vegetables (10%), beans (other
than green or lima beans, 9%) and corn (8%) being the most frequently cited
side dishes. New England residents are most likely to put organic food on
the table, with 61% saying they planned to do so. In addition, more men than
women are likely to serve organic foods (58% to 45%). -- Barbara Murray.

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