Bulldog Tools was Spading forks

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Tue Apr 30 05:02:02 EDT 2002

I'd love to hear from British readers what they have to pay for a 
standard  D-handle spade and fork from Bulldog in the U.K.

I'm also interested in hearing from anyone who knows of discount 
pricing for these tools in the U.S. I had the joy of purchasing a 
number of Bulldog Tools through the short-lived Record Tools a few 
years back. Except for the wooden hay rakes, I've been extremely 
happy with all of them.

-Allan Balliett
Loudoun Co, VA

>I have Bulldog tools that I've used since 1980 and have double dug 
>over 100 beds with, not to
>mention their use as pitchforks, hammers... These are tools designed 
>and made for a lifetime
>of use.
>Alex McGregor
>Walden Farm

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