Spading forks

pam at pam at
Mon Apr 29 11:05:28 EDT 2002

Several years ago I bought 3 of the Chinese green handled 
spading forks from Lee Valley, and they have proved extremely 
good. I got the three for the same price as one Ames brand fork. 
One of the Lee Valley forks got left in the garden and run over by 
the disks - one little scratch, otherwise fine. They are very strong. 
One of the three finally got broken by our tallest gardener 
(exceptionally tall) - it became a standing joke that he broke the 
"unbreakable" fork.
Pam Dawling,
Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, Va 23093
> Has anyone found a good, all metal handle spading fork?  I'm tired of
> spending $35-$45 on plastic or wood handled spading forks that break
> so easy!  (And that have warranties that exclude agricultural use!)
> Katherine
> Full Circle Farm

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