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Mon Apr 29 11:01:06 EDT 2002

Re: Catching groundhogs - last summer and fall we trapped 14, 
using cantaloupes (they were taking them anyway!) and winter 
squash. They preferred the Jarrahdale and kabocha types. We 
made grounhog stew - it was pretty tasty, though not as nice as 
the cantaloupes we might have eaten if the groundhogs hadn't. Our 
extension agent, who had lent us the traps, joined us for lunch on 
one of the groundhog days.
	About re-locating them: it's illegal in Virginia to relocate wildlife 
beyond your own land, and maybe so in other states. And it's 
hardly kind to dump them on a neighbor anyway. And we didn't 
have anywhere we wanted groundhogs aroung here....
Pam Dawling,
Twin Oaks, Virginia

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