Spading forks

John Wages jwages at
Sun Apr 28 21:29:26 EDT 2002

Lee Valley Tools ( makes an all-metal broadfork (wider
head than a spading fork)---its tines are not quite as long as the
Coleman version from Johnny's, but they appear unbreakable.  They also
have an all-metal spading fork that I have not used

Bountiful Gardens ( carries the Spear and
Jackson wooden-handled fork that is quite tough.  It is the one I have
used for several years, although the handle has indeed cracked recently.

John Wages
Tupelo, MS

Katherine Kelly wrote:
> Has anyone found a good, all metal handle spading fork?  I'm tired of
> spending $35-$45 on plastic or wood handled spading forks that break so
> easy!  (And that have warranties that exclude agricultural use!)
> Katherine
> Full Circle Farm
> Kansas City, KS
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