{FARMSCAPING} seed source

Chris Sawyer css at ioa.com
Sat Apr 27 09:30:18 EDT 2002

We ordered it from:
Lohse Mill, Inc.
PO Box 168
Artois, CA 95913
530 934 2157

It is quite expensive. 3.10 lb. a little goes a long way. If you want an
alternative such as mixing your own, input " farmscaping UC Davis" into
google and you will get plenty of hits to read on the subject. Lohse
Mill does not know this product by the name BB50. They call it
beneficial insect mixture. My plan is to pay more attention to what is
in it and make my own mix to cut costs in the future. I did not pay
attention last year when I planted it. Last year was my first year using
strictly beneficials to control my pest problem. It was successful
enough that I do want to repeat it this year.

I do know it has buckwheat and clovers, but beyond that I don't know
what is in it.

> Chris, could you tell us where you buy the seed blend from?
> Michael

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