market-farming digest: April 23, 2002

Hook Family guldann at
Wed Apr 24 08:12:09 EDT 2002

> "??...we're already into
> 90* summer...

Not everyone is lucky.  It was really cold this last weekend and got down to
33 for a couple of nights, we did finally get about an inch of rain, so
our weather can settle down and give us some spring instead of the 30 and 40
mph winds everyday.

Phil from Iowa

Phil is right.  We've barely begun spring and its been weird just like our
winter.  I am in Massachusetts.  This past Thursday while planting leek
seedling in a sleaveless shirt I got a bit sunburned it was close to 90.  A
few days later Sunday planting onions seedlings in a heavy coat and it was
misting a combination rain freezing rain. :).  Last night temp were to get
into the low 30s.  :).  Beth

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