Earth Quake

Ed Clifford hmdrawrod at
Sun Apr 21 07:17:32 EDT 2002

    I did look up, but only after assessing what was happening. At the time
it started I was on my knees starting the plastic. When it started I
immediately thought, a heart attack. That was kind of confirmed when my
vision was blurry. I then stood up, that felt like I was on a boat, the
ground kind of felt like it was water, no waves, just soft. I looked at the
horizon and everything was just blurry,( I was looking for nuclear blast, I
guess). Just as fast as it came, it was gone. It was then that my dog
started barking, so much for a dog's perception.

Did you take the time to look up and watch the ground roll?
> I've always wanted to be standing outside when a good
> shaker struck, but have not been so fortunate... yet.
> Jay
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