Concepts from Today's Earth Day Food Symposium

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Sat Apr 20 21:30:52 EDT 2002

1. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Did you know that a tomato usually travels about 1,300 miles from where it is 
grown to your salad bowl? Consider an alternative. Join a CSA farm, and join 
thousands of others who want to support local farmers while receiving 
delicious, healthy and, above all, fresh produce all season long. With your 
subscription, you purchase a “share” of the produce harvest, or a weekly 
portion from someone you come to know and trust. Some farms also offer fruit, 
herbs, flowers and other products. 

2.  The Chef's Collaborative

The Chefs Collaborative is a network of chefs, restaurateurs and other 
culinary professionals who promote sustainable 

cuisine by teaching children, supporting local farmers, educating each other &
 inspiring their customers to choose 

clean, healthy foods.


3. Sources of Oreganic, Non-GE or diversity in seeds!

subscription site

Suppliers of Organic and/or Non-GE* Seeds and Plants 
Horticulture Resource List

Garden Catalogue of Varieties of seed - Rare, unusual, and heirloom species

The Land Institute...



Grass Fed Livestock - buy direct break the corporate stranglehold!

The Eatwild Grassfarmers' Directory      To find a supplier of pastured 
products in your area, click on the name of your state or country below. If 
you don't find what you are looking for, search adjacent regions. An 
increasing number of grassfarmers are shipping their products across the 
country, so you may find that leg of lamb or wedge of cheddar cheese in a 
distant state.  


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