Certification for value added products

Chris Sawyer css at ioa.com
Sat Apr 20 19:52:46 EDT 2002

In North Carolina our extension service handles kitchen inspections, and
runs the classes required to be certified for acidified food canning. It
is a requirement to sell at any street market or otherwise. They also
have the full pickling school for certification for low acid canning,
three days for 450.00. It is basically a food safety course. As a former
chef I resent the fact that I have to attend a school to get a paper
that says I know how to can, but that is how it works here. The
extension engineering staff will even draw up a plan for a simple
canning facility for free. Now they require a ten foot ceiling in the
kitchen with commercial hood, another extreme if you ask me. One also
has to send a sample in to be tested from each batch canned. They will
even use their art dept to design a label for you for free.

I have found the large grocery store chains have a stock pile of used
equipment. Our local Ingles chain has a yard here in town with hundreds
of good buys on ice machines, walk-in coolers, shelving, hoods, ovens,
compressors and the like that are surplus since they remodel often and
update their delis and butcher shops. I got a good stainless butcher
table for 80 and a 13x20 walkin for 1100, for example.


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