Earth Quake

Sat Apr 20 18:33:09 EDT 2002

In February of last year we did just that during the 6.3 "Nisqually Quake" 
centered about 20 miles south of us.  We were in the garage/shop and ran 
outside when the shaking began.  It was awesome.  The ground was weaving up 
and down as was the Lexan cover on the attached greenhouse as were we as we 
stood there.  It seemed like we were rising and falling a fair amount, like 
being on deck of a rolling ship, but it was probably just an inch or so.  
Amazing experience!  The noise was quite interesting too, as the Lexan and 
buildings creaked and groaned and the earth made funny sounds.  Yet nothing 
really was substantially damaged on our farm. 

Bob and Bonnie Gregson
Island Meadow Farm
Vashon Island, WA

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