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Edible Dirt Recipe
1.      Line an 8-inch clay or plastic flower pot with foil.
2.      Crush 1 large package of Oreo cookies and set aside. 
3.      Put aside for later 3/4 lb. package gummy worms, 1
package miniature
chocolate chips, and some green-colored coconut. 
4.      Cream together 4 tbs. butter or margarine, 1 8-oz.
package cream
cheese, and 1 cup powdered sugar. 
5.      Mix together 3½ cups milk, two 3-oz. packages
vanilla instant
pudding, and 12 oz. whipped topping. 
6.      Stir together the creamed mixture and the pudding
7.      Place the whipped topping lid in the bottom of the
flower pot. 
8.      Bottom Layer (Parent Material) - Begin with a layer
of crushed
cookies. Then mix chocolate chips with half of the creamed
pudding mixture
and smooth it over the cookies. 
9.      Second Layer (Subsoil) - Add more crushed cookies,
then a creamed
pudding layer and the gummy worms. (Save one worm for the
top layer!) 
10.     Top Layer (Topsoil) - Finish with a layer of crushed
Sprinkle with green coconut for "grass" and poke a gummy
worm through the
top to peek out of your "soil." Refrigerate overnight.
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