Plollinating tomatoes

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Sat Apr 20 05:44:51 EDT 2002

I'm pretty sure that in order to maintain the purity of the seed you
have to take extra precautions such as bagging the flowers or
maintining proper distances between varieties.  One of THE heirloom
tomato experts is Dr. Carolyn Male who participates daily in the
Growing Tomatoes forum on  Dr, Male co-authored a
newsletter on heirloom tomatoes for years.  She does not recommend
Ttoally Tomatoes because of their low quality and incorrect labelling.
One of her preferred sources is Tomato Grower's Supply.  Apparently
this year there are a lot of "impure" seeds on the market, even from
more reputable sources, sue to problems originating with a California
grower who is a major supplier to several companies.  There is an
index of incorrect varieties ont he forum.
> I have always thought of tomatoes as a self pollinating plant when
grown under natural conditions (no deliberate hand cross pollination).
Has anyone else seen things like this happen in tomatoes?

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