Peppers and pepperoncini

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The book The Pepper Garden by Dave DeWitt and Paul Bosland lists
'Pepperoncini' as a Cuban type of pepper with mild pods much loved when
fried.  It has 3 to 4 inch pods.  Seed sources listed are Nichols,
Porter, Shepherd's and Tomato Grower's.  I am certain I have seen it in
other seed catalogs, also.  Maybe Johnny's?  
'Aconcagua' and 'Cubanelle' are in the same category of Cuban peppers. 
I have grown 'Aconcaqua' in the past two years and love it.  This
variety is  huge, pale green, and has no heat.

Cheryl Rogowski wrote:
> > Are pepperoncini's made from a pepper of the same
> > name or is another type
> > used?

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