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#3660 Robustini Pepperoncini Peppers: 62 days
Peter Piper - please note this mild, flattened somewhat irregular shaped pale 
pepper, popular for pickling. Also known as pepperoncini, Robustini produces 
loads of pendant peppers on sturdy plants. The thin-fleshed pods are tangy, 
but barely on the Scoville scale at 500 to 800 units - mild enough for 
everyone’s taste! This popular pepper is found in pickled form, in sandwich 
chains, pizza parlors and Italian delicatessens everywhere. Robustini turns 
from light green to pale yellow-green; harvest before it reddens and the 
flesh loses its crunch. Packet of 25 Seeds / $1.95

Golden Greek Pepperoncini - #9313 (30 seeds) $1.85 
This strain from Greece is somewhat rare and prized by those who want the 
peppers for pickling. Because they are smaller and lighter in color than the 
regular Pepperoncini, homemade jars of these golden peppers look more like 
the commercial product. Same thin-walled, slightly weinkled shape, and mildly 
hot flavor as the other Pepperoncini, and the perfect addition to Greek 
salads. 62 days.

Golden Creek Pepperoncini   
Matures in 65 days. The delicious Greek that is great for pickling. Long, 
thin fruit turn bright yellow when ripe. They hold their color and flavor 
well when processed. A wonderful pepper for home or specialty market growers. 

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