Newbie needs help

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Fri Apr 19 09:27:47 EDT 2002

Wow! Thanks for all the help and support!  I appreciate you making me feel
so welcome.

Later today I'll be off to to order all the books you so kindly
recommended. It was a book that took my little kitchen garden from a small
plot to a huge "opportunity".  The book was directed to market gardeners
(which I, of course, knew I would never be) but I wanted some specific piece
of info so I bought it.  Now, thousands of dollars and hundreds of blisters
later . . . . . .

I was in the gardens at sunrise this morning to see if the deer had trampled
any of my seedlings yet.  Their comings and goings are very evident in the
soft soil.  They are everywhere.  I also saw some large paw prints I didn't
recognize -- about 4 times the size of the little raccoon tracks.  Now I
wish I had not been so rebellious when my Mom wanted me to be a girl scout!
Couldn't be a big cat or I wouldn't have deer . . . . . Maybe the raccoon
from hell??  Hm-m-m  I see another book in my future.

I love Brian's list and the emphasis on planning.  I have every plant and
seed plotted on quad paper.  A  bigger part of my planning process should
have been to learn more about my land. If I knew my land better (we've only
been in here for 6 months) I would have known where I would encounter a
shallow rock bed or too much water.  I'm just not the type to spend a whole
year watching the seasons and their effect on the land.  Just jump in and
try it -- that's me.

Thanks again for welcoming me into the group.  I'll be here listening and
learning.  :-)


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> Sandra - I read your email yesterday morning before I headed out to the
> gardens and was thinking how much I wish there had been this list when I
> started seriously 9 years ago.  Then I realized that I sill feel like a
> newbie myself - each year is different - or I'm trying something new and
> different and it always feels like I'm on a steep learning curve and I
> thinks its good - keeps my brain working along with my body.  I guess if
> this all ever becomes rote and boring I'll probably find something more
> challenging to do - but I can't imagine the challenge going out of growing
> good food.
> So welcome to the most wonderful occupation I can think of and keep asking
> questions.  I used to have a teacher who always said there are no stupid
> questions.  You might just be asking questions the rest of us haven't
> thought to ask.
> joan
> windwalker farm
> ottawa, kansas
> p.s. I haven't checked the atlas to see where you are in Oklahoma -  are
> getting these frightful winds right now?
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