newbie update

Brian Murphy brmurphy at
Thu Apr 18 09:29:35 EDT 2002

This past January I decided to get started.  Four months later - WOW. So 
little time, so much to do.........but I AM COMPLETELY ENJOYING  everything 
I find time to do.

Reading is so important but I learn the most by DOING(and making mistakes).

What have I learned so far?

1 - farming is hard work ( knew that)
2 - planning ahead is crucial
3 - I need a lot more manure/compost
4 - don't order seeds or plants until you know where they will be 
planted  ( I purchased too many seeds and plants)
5 - avoid even the thought " I could quit my "job" and farm full time". I 
wish! But then "would it be fun?"
6 - Eliot Coleman's book is awesome, I am reading it for the second time in 
3 months
7 - never plant "in a hurry"
8 - planning ahead is crucial
9 - planning ahead is crucial
10 - planning ahead is crucial
11- planning ahe..................I get it!

I have 344 messages to read over from this list, so.........thank you for 
all your help.

Shamrock Gardens

Brian T. Murphy
Science Dept.
Millbrook High School
         AP Environmental Science
           Physical Science
Raleigh, NC, USA

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