Newbie needs help

Joan Vibert joan at
Thu Apr 18 09:16:07 EDT 2002

Sandra - I read your email yesterday morning before I headed out to the
gardens and was thinking how much I wish there had been this list when I
started seriously 9 years ago.  Then I realized that I sill feel like a
newbie myself - each year is different - or I'm trying something new and
different and it always feels like I'm on a steep learning curve and I
thinks its good - keeps my brain working along with my body.  I guess if
this all ever becomes rote and boring I'll probably find something more
challenging to do - but I can't imagine the challenge going out of growing
good food.

So welcome to the most wonderful occupation I can think of and keep asking
questions.  I used to have a teacher who always said there are no stupid
questions.  You might just be asking questions the rest of us haven't
thought to ask.

windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

p.s. I haven't checked the atlas to see where you are in Oklahoma -  are you
getting these frightful winds right now?

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