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Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Wed Apr 17 13:59:07 EDT 2002

Hi sarah.........WELCOME!!!!!

Many of us have been right where you are starting (I spent the first few months after I bought my farm literally in bed with the covers over my head crying every morning, I felt so overwhelmed and no one in the state seemed to know about organic farming, etc....)

Though books cannot replace experience, or a good farmer mentor, may I suggest two books that in retrospect have proved to be faithful companions......(they have been mentioned before, but still worth it)

Managing Cover Crops Profitably & 
Building Soils for Better Crops 
you can check em out on the Sustainable Agriculture Network webpage....

The more you till bermuda grass, I believe, the more it can regenerate....I bet folks can help out with that problem from our group!  Glad you are with us.

dancing goats farm
n. mississippi
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