Newbie needs help

Margaret Wilson booldawgs at
Wed Apr 17 11:34:18 EDT 2002

Hi Sandra,
Your letter gave me a smile.  We are in the process of moving from the S CA
desert to 53 acres in SW Oregon.  We will have to compare notes in our
adventures.  I buy bermuda hay here to feed my animals and it sprouts up
everywhere I try to grow flowers  or? Try smothering in out with black
plastic when it is really hot weather.  Tilling it just spreads it for us.
I really hope I don't take it with me in the animals stomachs. It will be
awhile before we are market gardening/farming too.  I am feeling overwhelmed
but excited. Good luck

> Our family recently moved from California to Oklahoma in search of a farm.
> We didn't get the hundred acres that I dreamed about, but we have a
> wonderful 46 acre place.  The land is all neglected woods or natural
> with loads of burmuda grass. In CA that was a weed, but here it is touted
> great pasture grass. I still think it is a weed. :-)

> Because this is our first year I have no idea if we will learn enough to
> to market (or if we'll even have enough success to have things to sell),
> we're sure trying.  We will be grazing our 25 egg chickens using a mobile
> coop and if that works we'll add more hens later. I let them run for a
> while, but the neighbor's dog got a bunch of them so now we're building an
> eggmobile.  In the meantime, the chicks are living in a pup tent
> with chicken wire.  (Only we dumb city folk would put chickens in a tent.
> LOL )  We're planting primarily strawberries, asparagus, roma tomatoes,
> peppers, sweet peppers, corn, and beans.  Also a few artichokes.  The
> may have to wait -- I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now.

> Sandra Deidloff
> Rancho El Shadday
> Meeker, OK

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