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> The land is all neglected woods or natural pasture
> with loads of burmuda grass. In CA that was a weed, but here it is touted 
> as
> great pasture grass. I still think it is a weed. :-)  We turned under about
> 90,000 sq ft of that burmuda and have been discing like crazy trying to 
> kill
> all that grass!!  

I ran into lots of Bermuda grass when I was living in Texas.  My experience 
with it is that unless you want to use a herbicide, you have to remove every 
bit of it to get rid of it.  It spreads by underground runners, so I would 
think that discing it would chop it up into lots of pieces, all of which will 
make more Bermuda grass.

In Texas, Bermuda grass is grown and baled as hay for horses and cows.  You 
might have a good cash crop there...

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