Newbie needs help

Rancho El Shadday ranchmaster at
Wed Apr 17 09:15:22 EDT 2002

I have been lurking and learning for a while and throught it time to
introduce myself.

Our family recently moved from California to Oklahoma in search of a farm.
We didn't get the hundred acres that I dreamed about, but we have a
wonderful 46 acre place.  The land is all neglected woods or natural pasture
with loads of burmuda grass. In CA that was a weed, but here it is touted as
great pasture grass. I still think it is a weed. :-)  We turned under about
90,000 sq ft of that burmuda and have been discing like crazy trying to kill
all that grass!!  The garden will be in three locations and one area -- the
largest -- is gooey and doesn't seem to be drying out after each rain.  It's
starting to look like we may have to relocate the garden area to someplace

Because this is our first year I have no idea if we will learn enough to go
to market (or if we'll even have enough success to have things to sell), but
we're sure trying.  We will be grazing our 25 egg chickens using a mobile
coop and if that works we'll add more hens later. I let them run for a
while, but the neighbor's dog got a bunch of them so now we're building an
eggmobile.  In the meantime, the chicks are living in a pup tent surrounded
with chicken wire.  (Only we dumb city folk would put chickens in a tent.
LOL )  We're planting primarily strawberries, asparagus, roma tomatoes, hot
peppers, sweet peppers, corn, and beans.  Also a few artichokes.  The herbs
may have to wait -- I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now.

This move to OK has been a real experience -- very different from the CA
desert.  Even the bugs are new!  We're seeing things we've never seen
before.  Have no idea which are the good guys and which are the pests.

The more I read this list, the more questions I have.  If I ask too many
dumb questions just tell me to hush up or send me to a "farming for dummies"
list. I'm so clueless that I don't even know what nemetodes are!

Sandra Deidloff
Rancho El Shadday
Meeker, OK

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