Joan Vibert joan at windwalker-farm.com
Wed Apr 17 09:07:52 EDT 2002

Phil - we were blessed with equipment AND a guy who knew what he was doing!
We were also blessed with rain, a slow steady drizzle of about 1.25" on the
Monday before.  We had put off the laying until we got some soil moisture
and while we weren't quite as dry as you are - we are still really dry,
ponds way down and all.  The plastic has held up well to these awful winds
- yesterday was so bad that I elected to work in the greenhouse and kitchen
rather than risk serious sinus problems.  Sometimes when it blows like this
I just want to go out and scream!

I'm sorry you had to cut plastic out of fences - what an insult.  We have
more plastic to lay by hand - so we're not done yet!

windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

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