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Tue Apr 16 17:55:58 EDT 2002

Beth wrote:

>Our road is perpendicular to the busy road the shopping center is on.  Its a
>road very few peope "need" to be on.  Hence the reason for no stand in the
>past.  But there is some traffic due to a train station at bottom of street.


Visit the train station and see what kind, if any, of advertising is on the
scene.  Then check with the train operating authority about advertising
your farm or stand at the train station.  I'm sure it would be less than
$50.00 per day.

If people approach the station from two directions (yours and the opposite)
the number of potential customers may be double the number you think,
or possibly even greater.  The folks who run the commuter train service will
be able to tell you the number of daily boardings at your station

Advertising with a professionally prepared sign in the station for the months
you are producing could generate a great deal of business, if the cost of
one or two signs in the station is not prohibitive.  Something as simple as

Hook Family Farm
Fresh Produce Daily
All Season Long
Stand xxx Yards
Up the Road
Open ?am - ?pm

Could put a lot of customers in your driveway every day.  Word travels up
and down a train line quickly when something good comes along.

Check it out.

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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