"Remote" Farming Question

Mary Embleton mary at oz.net
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Another option would be to find a local farmer interested in farming the
acreage sustainably while keeping ownership in your family.  The group you
would want to contact is Wisconsin FarmLink.  Their purpose is to connect
landowners with aspiring farmers - to keep land in agricultural production.
To find out more, contact Gwen Garvey, Wisconsin FarmLink, 800-942-2474 or
gwen.garvey at datcp.state.wi.us


Mary Embleton, Executive Director
Cascade Harvest Coalition - Home of Washington FarmLink and Puget Sound

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Hello all,

I have a question to ask the group.  I have access to ten acres of farmland
(my family owns the property)that has layed fallow for >20 years.  The
problem is that the land is in WI and I'm in GA (1000 mi away!).

I would like to explore ways of using this land productively (and
sustainably) but given the distances involved this would obviously be a

Any ideas or suggestions that any of you may want to offer on how I could
possibly farm this acreage "remotely" (if it is even possible) are
appreciated.  Thank you.


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