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Tue Apr 16 09:06:54 EDT 2002

 How about some signs directing the customers to your farm from the busy road? We place signs at the busier corners of roads (with permission of the land owner, always bring them some free produce when you ask) that have arrows pointing in the direction to go. On these signs we have 5 sets of hooks that we put some of the stars of the produce we have available, lets say strawberries, corn etc. People will drive the mile down our road to get the produce. We see an after work crowd stopping at the stand, they are people who are driving by on their way home. When we started we had the stand on self service with a sign that we were in the field, make change from the jar, if you don't have the correct change pay your due the next time through. It was cheaper to have someone steal something occasionally than to pay someone to sit at the stand all day. We are now busy enough to have someone at the stand from 8am to 6-7pm everyday, we then put the stand on self service for people on a country drive or coming home from work late. On weekends we  have to have 2-3 people now.

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