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Tue Apr 16 08:35:44 EDT 2002

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> Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:09:10 EDT
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> If you are only 1 1/2 miles from a busy shopping location, why not have a
> farm stand?
> Shoppers love to go directly to the site. Your $50 a day cost could be
> absorbed in additional insurance.
> my 4 cents.
> mary mary
Our road is perpendicular to the busy road the shopping center is on.  Its a
road very few peope "need" to be on.  Hence the reason for no stand in the
past.  But there is some traffic due to a train station at bottom of street.
However they go by very early and about 5-7pm.  I have given thought to
trying to "catch" them as they drive by in the evening.
Do any of you with farm stands find that you have after work people stop?
What % men and women.  I really don't know the % of men and women are taking
the train, maybe I should sit and watch the cars go by :).  I have loosely
counted 50-80 ish cars maybe more.
Thanks  Beth

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