flea beetles

Chris Sawyer css at ioa.com
Tue Apr 16 08:09:02 EDT 2002

My entomologist friend/consulant has taught me that if you have flea
beetles above ground that they are below in the larvae stage eating on
the roots. I never had success with row covers and don't use them. The
Hb nematode will destroy the larvae. It is important to put them out
when the soil first hits 60 degrees. This about now here in the
Asheville area, zone 7. This nematode travels in water and must be
watered in with rain or other methods. I use a fertilizer injector in
the drip system to distribute them, but a sprayer followed with a
sprinkler or rain would work too. They will keep in the refrigerator
until the proper conditions appear.

I was late last year doing this, and only got marginal success last
year. I am interested in hearing others experience with this pest. Soap,
pepper spray, DE, row covers, neem oil, and trap cropping have all been
tried here in the past but did not work.


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