clover and other cover crops

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Nan, thank you.  We are moving to a permanent cover crop system, to the
extent we can.  I saw the VT. address & that was my first thought, would it
cover concerns of a East Texas farmer.  We are planning to go north this
summer to pick up a harvester to save our own cover crop seed.  The price of
the combine can be saved many times over, we think.

Steve Barnett
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  Great, great book (farmer friendly, we love it!) for all your cover crop,
mulch needs........

  Managing Cover Crops Profitably
  2nd edition
  Sustainable Agriculture Network

  mail $24 (includes SH) to
  Sust. Ag Publications
  Hills Building, Room 10
   University of Vermont
  Burlington, VT 05405-0082

  Don't worry that it is all for of the
contributors lives right here in Mississippi......and each cover crop is
evaluated for its regional appropriateness........

  You get lots of details about each crop, they even have charts listing the
pro's and con's of a crop based on what you want it to do...

  nan j.
  dancing goats farm
  n. mississippi
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