Market fee and Lights

Hook Family guldann at
Mon Apr 15 08:20:18 EDT 2002

> Subject: RE: Season started? and Lights
> From: "Kane, Tracy" <TKane at>
> Ouch, $50.00 a day-why so much? just curious...

I really never asked why the fee was $50.  I knew it was on the high end but
doing a bit of net search etc. not unprecidented.  However I only thought
the busy location was a fair gamble.  I was also aware that my profits :)
might be per season and not each day.  I expected to make it big on pumpkins
for example :).  I was also going to lean towards flowers.  We are located
right in suburbia (our farm is a former dairy farm of which we've managed to
hold on to while most of the rest of the towns have gone to houses).  So in
the right location that fee could be ok.

Lights  I don't think you should leave them on all night I believe its 14-16
hours of light a day.  I have my lights on a timer.  They come on about 8
and go of about 10ish.  Beth

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