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    I would say yes. The more light a plant has the better. The only
exception to this is plants that require darkness to flower, i.e.:
poinsettia. I also assume that you are talking about just the starts. If a
plant was going to be left under the lights for an extended part of its life
I would worry about stress. I would guess the same as humans, you can grow,
spend hours partying into the night, and wake up at sun-up for work and do
it all over again,..... while your very young. If I tried that now I'd
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> I don't know what kind they are - they are long tube - look like
> flourescent.  So, is it ok to leave the plants under them all night?
>                                             Jill
> > Jill,
> >     I don't know the science behind it, but my personal experience is
> > more light the better. The few plants I personally start from seed, I
> a
> > HPS light 175 watts and set it about 1' above plant tops. This produces
> > shorter, less leggy plants. I do not harden off, and I've never had a
> > problem. I think you kind of have to feel your way along. What type of
> > lights do you have?
> >                        Ed
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