Season started? and Lights

Hook Family guldann at
Sun Apr 14 07:52:48 EDT 2002

Lucy asked has your season started yet>
> Here it is the middle of April and our first farmer's market starts on
> the 23rd and the second on May 4th.

Our season has started only in the "starting".  Starting seeds in the house.
Our last frost date is May 31st.  Hopefully we get some cool crops in this
week (Hubbys on spring break, he's a teacher not a student).
I was scheduled to participate in my first Farmers Market and was really
looking forward to it, had sent in my deposit.  It was perfect only 1 1/2
miles from my house and in the parking lot of a busy shopping plaza (not a
mall).  The store there that attracts most of the customers is called The
Christmas Tree Shop (I think they are only Northeast).  Its is a silly
fabulous store that sell basically knicknacks, picture frames, dishes,
garden decorations etc.  Honestly I think its mostly women.  Well how
perfect is that environment to set up a Farmers Market.  A week ago I get a
letter from the manager, seems he never got a written contract and it had
fallen through.  He did get another restaurant parking lot about 1/4 mile
west of the location but its apples and oranges in that its not ALREADY full
of shoppers.  Hardly a suburban housewife to be found.  Oh and he kept the
table fee the same, it was already a high $50 a day.  He offer to refund our
deposits, I wrote a note expressing my concerns and asked for my deposit
So back to CSA only and maybe some sales to a new food coop.  I was starting
to feel like a real business for a moment :).  Thanks

Lights I like using light the plant do grow better.  The trouble is I am
fiinding it hard to buy lights.  I could use about 3  12 in. flourencent
fixtures and 3 24 inch.  All I can find are the 4 ft shop lights which are
perfect just to long for the shelves I've got.


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