Has Your Season Started Yet?

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Sat Apr 13 23:32:11 EDT 2002

hi all, May 18 is our market opening date, hoping for some sun; anyone have
any to spare??

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Here it is the middle of April and our first farmer's market starts on
the 23rd and the second on May 4th. 

We don't have a whole lot ready but should have plenty of pastured
organic eggs, spinach, spring mix and some dried black beans from last
fall. It will nice to be marketing again.

we have done some guerilla marketing over the winter. I email customers
on my email list telling them we will be a certain location for no more
than an hour. The last Guerilla market was outside the local public
radio station after we got done doing phones for their fund drive. We
always have several folks who find us and buy us out. It is an
interesting way to market in the off season.

Lucy Goodman-Owsley
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH

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