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WB Carver wbcarver at marketfarming.com
Sat Apr 13 22:12:12 EDT 2002

Hi All,

  I thought I had posted the answers to this question a few days ago.
Either I had a brain lapse (which would imply that I had a brain in the
first place) or my computer ate it.
  I am going with Number 2.   "That's my story and I'm stickin' to it."

Anyway.  the quiz was "can you Identify these 7 plants."

Those of you who answered Basil to the one I originally asked about,...
Correct answer - you get a gold star.

Here are the answers to all 7

a.  Swiss Chard
b.  Lettuce
c.  Eggplant
d.  Peppers
e.  Tomato
f.   Basil
g.  Dill

According to my friends, this was a tough quiz.
They said,

"There were so many people that had 6 out of seven .  Thanks to all who

And my personal thanks to all who replied to my question.

Happy Planting,

WB (Bill) Carver
Laughing Brook Farm
Westfield, NC
wbcarver at marketfarming.com

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From: WB Carver <wbcarver at marketfarming.com>

>Hi All,
>Thanks for the replies.
>OK, here is the deal.
>  This quiz is a friend's monthly contest.
>This month, it just happens to be on garden plants.
>There are 7 plants total that need to be identified.

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