water wheel planters

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One farm I've visited rigged a set of pressure washer nozzles to the 
framework around each water wheel.  When the points would start to clog up 
with dirt, a rider on the machine could hit a valve and spray them 
clean.  Nice bit of farmer innovation!  Sure beats stopping at the end of 
each row and scraping them off with a putty knife.


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>>Does anyone have any experiences using the water wheel type transplanters?
>>Good?  Bad?  No different than a mechanical type?
>We use a water wheel transplanter and really like it.  The only problem we 
>have is it will bulid up with dirt on the hole makers and if you don't 
>clean them off the hole will get really big.  This is only on really heavy 
>soils like our clay loam.
>Phil from Iowa

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