Uploading pictures for the list - WAS -water wheel planters

WB Carver wbcarver at marketfarming.com
Fri Apr 12 10:31:54 EDT 2002

Hi Steve and All,

   At this time there is not a way to post pictures as such.
We are working on a way you can do it, but until we get that perfected, here
is the bailing wire and duct tape method.
You can e-mail the pictures to me (address below) and I will post them on
  If there is text you want to include, send that also.

When the picture (or other file) is uploaded, I will  post a link to the
file with a message saying there has been a new file posted to the site.
Kinda like Yahoo groups, but with a human touch.

The pictures etc. will be available at:

Hope this helps,

WB (Bill) Carver
Cheif-assistant-list helper-outer
wbcarver at marketfarming.com

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From: Steve Barnett <earthly at att.net>

>? can we post pictures in this forum?  I have been Lurking, I think the
>used to describe persons who are reading the mail, and have not seen any.
>Steve Barnett
>East Texas

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