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Thu Apr 11 21:16:56 EDT 2002

Peaceful Valley Farms has a good selection of both 
winter/summer/perennial/annual/legume/non-legume cover crops.  Their 
catalog has great commentary on each of the different species.  They stock 
lablab, a widely adapted summer legume, as well as numerous vetches. 
Another great option for the summer is mucuna, though the seeds can be more 
difficult to obtain.

At 06:58 AM 4/10/02 -0700, you wrote:
>We too are looking for living mulches to evaluate.  However, our climate
>(northeast MS) brings special challenges.  Clovers tend to go dormant
>during our hot, humid summers.  If anyone from the South has
>recommendations (and seed sources!) for warm-weather covers (both
>legumes, non-legumes; annual or perennial) worthy of evaluation, I would
>be greatly appreciative.
>John Wages
>Tupelo, MS
>jwages at

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