Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at
Thu Apr 11 11:49:40 EDT 2002

    I am sure that the clover seed will last through the spring frosts - as
it can propagate itself by seed.  I have also heard of the method of
spreading seed on ground, and the freezing and thawing creates cracks for
the seeds to lodge in.  So I am sure you could plant your seed anytime.  The
only issue around where I live would be windiness - wouldn't want to lose
the seed by broadcasting it on a dry windy day, or having a dry windy day
soon after to blow away the seed.

    If your area is small enough, a light raking would help the seed stick,
I would think.


> Jill,  How much before frost can Dutch White Clover be planted.  Our last
> frost date is late May and was wondering if it can take some cool weather
> do I need to wait.  Thanks  Beth
> I like Dutch White Clover - although I bought a bit of New Zealand clover
> try this year.
>                         Jill
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