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Thu Apr 11 11:06:54 EDT 2002

We visit the local Wal Mart grower here and trade greenhouse
stories, woes, tricks and supplier information.

Basically he goes like the devil is after him for several
months then is off for the rest of the year.

He has a nice house, cool toys, well cared for family and
great landscaping.

His is an approximately 1 to two acre operation with about 8
to 10 active greenhouses out of around 20 on the property.

He keeps cars, trucks and supplies in the inactive rest.

The bottom line is he does very well, is quite happy with
his arrangement and has no bad mouthing to do about

I think the trick with Wal-Mart is you can plan and
DEPENDABLE plans are profitable.

I drove an 18 wheeler and delivered things to Wal-Mart for a
few months in a former life and I always could make

Things got screwed up when my company or a lying middleman
would think it was an undesirable transportation contract
and lie about it to get me to take it then later blame
Wal-Mart for the delays. 
Wal-Mart gave the middleman or my company good
transportation info BUT THEY would lie to me about the
complexity of the undesirable load and I would be sitting
unpaid for a couple of days I accepted it.

When I contacted Wal-Mart directly I got good info and so
could refuse the load to keep my paycheck what it should
have been. They always were honest, never manipulative, up
front with me and never screwed me over. I suspect that is
why they are the top of the fortune 500.


gutierrez-lagatta wrote:
> How   in the world can he make any money at those prices???
> > Wal Mart is paying $3.00 a flat for potted plants and 6 packs in
> flats this
> > year, the greenhouse that is furnishing at this price is just down
> the road
> > fron me,

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