Peppers & Eggplant

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Thu Apr 11 08:43:05 EDT 2002

We find that our bell peppers need staking.  We don't always do it, but when
we don't, the weight of the crop inevitably pulls the plants over, then the
peppers are prone to rot where they touch the moist soil.  They don't need
as tall a stake as tomatoes, 3-4 feet is sufficient, one to a plant.
Florida weave would also work, I think.  It is most critical in our early
hoophouse peppers which both grow taller and have even heavier crops than
the outside plants. We are using King Arthur as our main green to red bell
and the fruits are HUGE.

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm
Smiths Grove, KY

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> From: 	Tom Anslow[SMTP:limerock at]
> Hello,
> We have heard others talk about staking peppers, but never have done it
> ourselves.  We do stake/trellis tomatoes (a stake between every other
> plant
> and wrap string on each side of stakes).  Are peppers done the same way?
> Also, we will be growing oriental eggplant for the first time.  Johnny's
> mentioned staking them for straighter fruit.  Same method as tomatoes?
> Any input will be appreciated.  Thanks!
> Tom Anslow
> Limerock Orchards and Roadside Market

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