Only because you asked...

Margaret Wilson booldawgs at
Tue Apr 9 17:22:19 EDT 2002

Thanks Jay,  I really appreciate your answering.  I haven't been on this
list for long and I don't remember if I introduced myself or just became a
lurker :-))

> Margaret Wilson wrote:
> > So tell us what you do Jay, please.  You post frequently and appear to
> >informed.  Do you plan to be a farmer or?
> I live in the Los Angeles area.

I live near Plam Springs and the only thing I have growing are dates and
citrus, but that is going to change very soon.
> I am very curious by nature and started monitoring this list
> for that reason -- to learn about Market Farming and market
> farmers.

It is too bad that more people don't share your interest and curiousity.
We have quantity in the USA but we don't have quality.  I have been
fortunate to live in parts of the world where you could buy from the farmer
pushing a hand cart.  The food is so much better than from our supermarkets.

> As I have stated before, I am unlikely to become a
> farmer as long as there is such an oversupply of
> food in the marketplace.  I see no reason to add to
> the abundance when doing so only lowers prices for
> the average farmer.
> I am flattered that you think me informed.  I try to
> stay up on events, but I know I am not up on farm
> related issues to the extent many others on this list are.

Keep us up to speed on how to advertise and market.  It is hard to stay
informed on everything especially when the mainstream media is basically

> I wish you the best of luck in your new farming enterprise
  My life should start getting interesting soon.  I am starting my big move
in a week or so.  I will be going through LA with a trailer full of little
black cows next week.

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