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jay gee jgj23 at
Tue Apr 9 08:57:44 EDT 2002

Margaret Wilson wrote:

> So tell us what you do Jay, please.  You post frequently and appear to be
>informed.  Do you plan to be a farmer or?

I am responding publicly to this message because I also
received a private request from another individual for the
same information and newcomers may not have read my
introductory post.

I am an independent advertising and technical copy writer.

I live in the Los Angeles area.

I am very curious by nature and started monitoring this list
for that reason -- to learn about Market Farming and market

I thought my participation might bring another point of
view to the party so I post now and then.  I also enjoy
the interaction among the list participants and seeing
all the different points of view.

I know something about advertising and how it can be
used to an advertiser's advantage.  I try to share that
knowledge when it seems appropriate.  I believe that
most all market farmers could improve their profitability
if they made learning about marketing and advertising
as much of a priority as farming technique or the latest

As I have stated before, I am unlikely to become a
farmer as long as there is such an oversupply of
food in the marketplace.  I see no reason to add to
the abundance when doing so only lowers prices for
the average farmer.  I consider it healthier for me to
buy the farm products that others produce.  It's easier
on my hay fever.

The trees in the backyard are enough for me now,
producing apricots, avocados, figs, oranges and

I am flattered that you think me informed.  I try to
stay up on events, but I know I am not up on farm
related issues to the extent many others on this list are.

I wish you the best of luck in your new farming enterprise
and encourage you to ask questions and participate
in this list more often.  We are all here to help each other
and ourselves at the same time.

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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