Tue Apr 9 09:24:03 EDT 2002

Soap-Box Time folks.

Agribusiness is like any other endeavor that I know about, it is market
driven. This brings me to a parable that my mother used. She would say'
"One time a feed salesman came by and wondered why she didn't by more of
their new revolutionary cow feed which had all kinds of wonderful
benefits and nutritional aspects". Well, she answered, "The cows just
won't eat it."

That's the grab folks. Through the years I have found that you find a
need and fill it. An example is taking your excess fruits and veggies
and putting them up and add them to your fare. Dairy farms have another
valuable asset, Poop! Compost it. The Community gardens in Austin, TX
Get $25.00 a yard for it. Enough of this, If a person puts his mind to
it he can come up with a new product to enhance his current market.

Jerome Shield.........
Piggy-Back Ridge Farms

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