Dairy Farmers

Ed Clifford hmdrawrod at citlink.net
Tue Apr 9 08:12:22 EDT 2002

I can't help but wonder what David does for a living, probably not farming.
It must be true that Farmers in general whine, because I have never heard
anyone else complain.
Really when was the last time you heard a Doctor complain about the cost of
A Truck driver about the price of diesel?
A homeowner about the cost of heating oil, taxes, crooked politicians, etc.?
And no one has ever heard anyone bitch at work.

I started out as a carpenter, my doctor informed me at age 35 I should do
something else, because of a degenerative disk. (Getting into farming not
exactly what he had in mind). I asked him if he had any openings. My point
is: It's difficult to change your life completely midstream. I do believe
that all people need to change with the times. For example using a spell
check program BEFORE e-mail is sent.

The other point about equipment is well taken. However, from the outside
looking in what may seem like a frivolous purchase, may be done for tax
purposes. Our system rewards investments in new equipment. Another point: I
have my doubts that market gardeners report all the income they receive at
roadside markets. Dairy farmers deal in checks from larger corporations,
Federal/State controls on milk, the gov't knows how much they produce to the
quart. A local farmer was fined for selling "pet" milk. A gimmick that
people have been touting as a way to sell direct to consumer and get around
pasteurization laws.

Price supports should probably be taken away from all businesses including
farming. If the business can stand on it's own, more people will get into
it. If that does happen, watch out. Wild price fluctuations in commodities
will wipe out corporations, family farms, and maybe the company you work
for. Oh, and when Chrysler, Airlines, and Banks, (REAL JOBS), aren't making
money they WHINE to the gov't, and YOU bail them out.
                                                     Just a thought,

Subject: Dairy farmers
From: David M Guynn <davecherylguynn1 at juno.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 18:14:42 -0400
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I have found that it  seems that dairy farmers wine the most compared to
others that live off the land,(doing some form of gainful eployment ,that
requires dirt at one or more of the processes) .   A lumberman  that
isn't making any money just doesn't do it any more.
A nurseryman that isn't making any money just doesn't do it any more. and
so on

Just get a real job if you are not making any money.
I personally feel that they are making money . I have come to that
opinion because when you go to an auction they are always there .  Work
must not keep them too busy.

Also when you see them driving they always have a NEW PICKUP    I don't
so I must not be a farmer.  Bailers ,and combines are not cheep but they
are always getting a new one       Mayby their wife that works in town
bought it for them.

  Well that 'show it seems to me  DG

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