Post dereg of the Dairy biz in Australia - Part 2

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> Why should farmers think that anyone in the government cares about them

One thing that you left out Jay!  Everything that you do on the farm is tied 
to the 95 farm bill,  jou have to have federal crop Insurance that is tied to 
the program before you can obtain a operating loan and in order to be in the 
progam you have to be in compliance of the siol conservation service plan for 
your farm which on mine called for 42 acres of strips,borders, headland, and 
terreces.  This is taking 20% of my farm out of production so I would be able 
to recieve a (carrot) subsidy of $1600 appox., however the federal crop 
insurance was costing us $4200 a year for 60% coverage.  When a big operator 
is farming your place, the same rules do not apply.  They can and do what 
they want , and when I went to the Siol Conservation Service to compalin 
about all my broders being plowed up , strips that were plowed up, and all 
the head lands being farmed, their coment to me was " Well do body has 
complained to me about any of his farm practices".  Needless to say this 
individual is or longer in our office,nor is this tenant on my land, and it 
took me 4 years to get him off our land and a lot of attorney fees to get 
done, large Corporations has was to muddy the waters of a standard contract 
and tie things up for along time,standard eviction notices don't always work.

Phil from Iowa.
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